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How to Download Shiftlab Mobile
How to Download Shiftlab Mobile

Learn how to add Shiftlab to your phone's App drawer or your computer desktop!

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When logging into Shiftlab for the first time, you'll be prompted with the "Add Shiftlab to your Home-screen" button. But what happens if you decide you want Shiftlab Mobile later? That's what we're here to show you!

On your phone:

On your phone, open Google Chrome (or other browser) and type in your company's Shiftlab URL ( If not prompted immediately, you can select the menu option on your phone's browser and select "Add to Home Screen". This will add Shiftlab Mobile to your device's home screen.

On your PC:

When on your PC, open Google Chrome and there will be a plus sign beside the URL that allows you to "Install" Shiftlab.

Like this:

And there you are! You're accessing Shiftlab on the go!

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