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Adding Employees to Your Store
Adding Employees to Your Store

How to add a new or existing employee to a store on Shiftlab

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During set up, we add employees to their primary store and look at past sales data to see if they should be added to secondary stores that they might float in. If you have an employee that is not showing up in your store for you to schedule, you can easily add them on your own.

To do this, go to the employee list, by following the 'Employees' link at the top of your screen.

Search for the employee and click on their name to open their profile.

Once in their profile, you can add another store at the bottom of their profile. Be sure to save the profile. Once the store has been added, you will see them in the schedule view. If you remove an employee from a store, their shifts won't be deleted, but they won't be counted in any stats unless they are added back to the store.

If you'd like to remove an employee, you can follow this same process but click the red minus sign beside the store location to "Remove" that user from the location. Once that store is unassigned, the user will be removed from that store's scheduling dashboard after this week.

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