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Schedule Performance Report
Schedule Performance Report

Workforce analytics to power your scheduling strategy

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This powerful scheduling dashboard brings in all sales and all punch data to view at the company, district level, and store level.

The yellow line is your sales forecast, and the green line is your actual sales data

The light blue bar is your scheduling strategy, and the dark blue is the actual punch clock data. Pink is actual overtime as punch clock data flows through.

DM can see how they are performing each week to gross profit target, along with productivity per hour, which is typically a good indicator of being understaffed or overstaffed.

Actual Calculations:

Gross profit: The sum of the store(s) total gross profit.

Per Hour: The sum of total gross profit divided by the sum of total store(s) hours.

Hours per employee: total store(s) hours/unique employee count from punch data

OT: Total overtime from all punch data.

Break %: Number of total shifts with 2 or more punch-ins, divided by the number of total shifts from all punch data.

Employees: Count of unique employees with punch data.

FTE: Total store(s) hours from all punch data divided by 40.


By selecting the district, you can find this data on the store level as well. Global admins have the ability to drill into each district.

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