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District Manager Scheduling

How DM's can schedule themselves with our without their team seeing their shifts!

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Hey there! In this article, we're here to walk you through how to schedule yourself as a District Manager where you're doing your store visits.

When you are planning to work at a store on a given day, go into your Shiftlab and head to that store's schedule. (You may need to add yourself to that store which is explained here.)

  1. Head to the store where you plan to work

  2. Click the date that you are going to do a store visit beside your name. (You may need to add yourself to that store if you are not already)

  3. Edit the shift pop-up to finalize the time and notes for your visit

  4. Click "Invisible" and save!

P.S. Invisible shifts are only visible to the District Manager and above. This allows for you to schedule yourself in a store, without your Store Manager and Sales Reps knowing your every move.

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