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Setting Up Employee Unavailability
Setting Up Employee Unavailability

Shiftlab automates around your team's availability to build the best possible schedule for sales, and employee satisfaction. Check it out!

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We're excited to announce that we've just released an enhanced employee availability functionality!

Quick wins that this provides you

✔ Repeating Days Off
✔ Partial Days Off (Need to leave by 6 PM on Wednesdays and Thurs)
✔ Automation around all of these! ☝
✔ Better visibility into employee preferences when glancing at Shiftlab

Okay, here's how you set it up!

First, you can now see a blue icon when you are trying to create a shift:

This blue icond

​This button opens up that employee's unavailability, like this:

​^ So as you can see above, you can select all day or just a certain time, then you can select for it to repeat. And, we recommend adding notes, like "Picking kids up from school!".

And, just click "Save"! From there, you'll see these blue indicators every week in the future (if you selected repeating)

​^ Once you click auto-build, we'll keep displaying the blue indicator in the background even if we find a time to schedule this employee before 5 PM on a certain day. Like on Sunday below:

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