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Schedule Approval Process
Schedule Approval Process
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"Once my manager creates the schedule, can I lock it?"

This is a popular question right here! For this, we created a schedule approval process. Each customer can:

  1. Turn this feature ON or OFF (Please reply if you'd like it turned ON)

  2. Decide which level of your organizational should be approving schedules.

  3. and, whether or not the schedule becomes locked once it has been approved!



With this feature, you could let a manager build the schedule for 3 weeks out, and then once you approve it, it would restrict any edits being done unless if you decide to adjust it yourself.

Here's how most companies leverage this functionality

They set up the schedule approval process so that their District Manager is the only one who can toggle a schedule to approve. Each store manager goes into Shiftlab and builds their schedule (hopefully using Auto-Build!). Once they are done getting everything ironed out the DM approves it.

Now that the schedule is approved, the schedule will now be locked for any level below the DM. So Store Managers cannot make edits during these weeks without asking their leadership to do it themselves or to lower the status back to an editable state.

The DM can still make changes during this time!

For your employees, they will see the status of their schedule besides their shifts. It is important to let them know what each status means for your organization. Perhaps "Draft" means that they should not yet plan personal events around it, but once it moves to review it is much more concrete. Then, once approved there should be no interruptions unless if something major happens in the store.

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