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What do the colored shifts mean?
What do the colored shifts mean?

Hi there! This explains why your shifts might be different colors.

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  • What do the colored shifts mean?

    • Our shift coloring functionality is designed to help you immediately spot the busy & slow shifts within your week. This is a great tool to take busy shifts and reward top performers with them, or find a slower shift to assign operational duties or reduce hours!

    • Dark Green shifts are the busiest shifts of the week. Here is an example, if you are forecasted to sell 10 items on a Saturday, and you schedule 3 people, they will likely do about 3 apiece. BUT, then you have a Sunday with 6 items and only 1 person scheduled to work. We will highlight that Sunday shift because they'll have double the customers to help!

    • Light Green shifts are the middle shifts. They are neither the best or the worst shifts.

    • Yellow shifts are the slowest of the week. These are good shifts for training, operational duties, and potentially reducing hours!

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