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If you are a store with 1-2 employees, have a schedule that remains the same week to week, or just want the control of your schedule, creating your own schedule manually, without the use of automation, is easy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I add employee days off / unavailability?

A. The first thing you want to do before creating any shifts is ensure your employee unavailability and all approved time off requests are on the schedule. This way we can build our schedule around them.

If you hover your mouse over any blank space on the schedule you will see a blue ‘Pref’ pop up. Once you click ‘Pref’ you will get the Preference settings pop-up screen. Here you will set the unavailability.

You can choose ‘All Day’ or turn that off, and set a partial day, as well, if it is a repeating preference, or not. If it is repeating, you would turn 'Repeat' on, and you can select the days of the week it applies to. The repeating preference will remain on the schedule for all future weeks until you delete it.

Q. How do I delete a repeating preference that is no longer applicable?

A. Hover over the preference you want to delete, and you will click on the 'Pref' option that appears. Once your Preference setting box opens, you will click 'Delete' in the bottom left hand corner. This will take it off all future weeks.

Q. How do I add a manual shift?

A. To create a new shift, simply hover over any open area on the schedule for the employee you want to create a shift for and click ‘Add’. From the shift creation dialog, you can set the start time and end time, add breaks and notes, and define the shift type. Note: shifts cannot be created in the past.

Q. How do I edit a shift after I've created it?

A. Hover over the shift you want to edit and you will see an 'Edit' option pop-up.

Q. How do I copy and paste a shift?

A. Just hover over a shift and you will see our copy icon. From there, you can copy a shift and there will be a paste pop-up on empty days for you to paste the shift quickly throughout the scheduling process.

Q. How do I copy and paste an entire week?
A. In the top right-hand corner of your schedule, you will see a Toolbox icon. If you click that you will see a ‘Copy’ button. You will be prompted to choose which week (or weeks) you would like to paste it to. And hit Save.

Q. How do I delete a shift?

A. Hover over the shift you want to delete and you will see a red 'Delete' option pop-up.

Q. How do I clear an entire week?

A. In the top right hand corner if you click on the Toolbox icon you will see a 'Clear' option with a trashcan beside it. This will clear all shifts on the schedule.

Q. What are regular shifts?

A. These are your primary shift types. Scheduling them will show your employees when and where they need to work, as well as build on your weekly scheduled hours.

Q. What are non-selling shifts?

A. Non-selling shifts are intended for shifts that you will not be on the floor selling, or if you have designated roles within your company that are non-selling roles. The hours from non-selling shifts will NOT be counted towards your coverage hours (the yellow line on your chart), as to not affect proper coverage needed as it related to your forecasts. Therefore, you will not see the yellow line on your graph grow with non-selling shifts. They appear on the schedule in black/grey. They also do not get added to your ‘Scheduled Hours’ metric in the bottom right of your Shiftlab.

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